Who doesn't want great sex?

Everybody enjoys making love. Young people, old people, people of all ages in between; heavy people, thin people, tall ones and short ones. Whether your style is rough, rowdy, tender, or tacky, we all enjoy it.  This is the place to buy your swing custom fit for you.

But often we spend way too much energy supporting our weight or our partner's, or the knees, arms, or back are exhausted before our passion is. After all, it's difficult to feel ready for sex when your back is in knots, you're getting crushed by your partner's weight, or your knees or backside are getting rug burns.  You deserve a better sex life!  And a better way to that great sex life you've been searching for.  Whether it is from the natural aging process, or just looking for new ways to enhance a great sex life, the Love Swing and Accessories will benefit you and your partner!

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Standard Love Swing
$275.00 | SKU 00009
Bondage Spreader Bar
$55.00 | SKU 00012

Plain Spreader Bar
$45.00 | SKU 00011
Stainless Steel Swivel
$32.00 | SKU 00013

Product Details

  • Full Body Hammock
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom Sizing Available
  • Special design conforms to the small of your back for total comfort
  • Relieves pressure on knees and back
  • Easy to clean, easy to store
More Details

Visit our eCommerce online store, see how easy it is to choose your items, whether it is a standard swing or a custom made swing.  We also offer several types of spreader bars and the wonderful 360° swivel.  And manufacturer stands behind the swing 100%!

Who Doesn't Want Great Sex???

The Love Swing could be the best thing for your sex life!   

This is NOT a toy!

The Love Swing is an aid... to better sex.  It was most beneficial to us when we were both extremely overweight, and this was the only way we could have normal intercourse.  Since the weight loss, it is still our favorite way to make love.

A Man Can Last Longer

Think about the amount of energy it takes for a man to support his weight off his partner during intercourse.  Now think about focusing that energy on the actual pleasure of making love.

Where to Start:

You can look through the pages in this website, decide whether you want a standard love swing or a swing built just for your partner's specifications.  Either way, the materials are exactly the same.  The love swing is built to last, and the manufacturer stands by their product for the lifetime of the swing.  Do NOT accept a cheap imitation.  There are other designs on the market for a lot less money... some of which could hurt you!  View of lady in swing

We carry several accessories for the love swing, including a swivel that allows the swing to turn a full 360 degrees for some very interesting playtime.  We also have a plain spreader bar made of steel for the love swing, as well as a bondage bar with several loops for attaching chains or ropes for pleasure and restraint.  If the lady tends to be a bit moist when in a love swing, you may want to consider using a rug or towel to protect your carpet. 

Next, go to the product page and click on the Buy Now button.  Your choices will be added to a shopping cart, where you can choose to use your credit card or even pay by check or money order.  It is safe and secure, and you can use Paypal.

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LoveSwings USA welcomes all visitors to the new website design using all the same information about our sex swings.  And as always, if you have a question and don't see an answer, contact us to see if the Original Love Swing is for you.